Ecommerce Without Expletives

FoxyCart's raison d'être is simple: To provide web professionals with a powerful, flexible, secure, and enjoyable e-commerce platform with which to deliver more profitable e-commerce sites to their merchant clients.

This focus on serving web professionals who in turn serve merchants is a unique approach, and can best be understood in the context of FoxyCart's birth. And though we built FoxyCart for web developers, the answer to "Why FoxyCart?" is varied, and depends on who you are.

What FoxyCart Is

FoxyCart is different things to different types of users, but there are some things that are important for everybody. FoxyCart is:

Fast and Easy

Fast and easy to get started with. All that's required is basic HTML knowledge to create a link or a form. Even if you've never created an e-commerce site before, FoxyCart will allow you to implement a custom e-commerce solution without banging your head against your desk.

Powerful & Flexible

Flexible enough for advanced developers and integration requirements. With features like an API, instant datafeeds (aka webhooks), Single Sign-On, JSONP capabilities, and more you can use FoxyCart to create radically customized e-commerce functionality without having to reinvent the wheel.


Completely customizable, from your CSS to your HTML to your JavaScript. Well-formed and semantic HTML is output (in addition to your own HTML), and you can use your own templates and CSS to quickly, easily, and automatically style FoxyCart to match.

Built to Integrate

Built to integrate and to eliminate data duplication. FoxyCart is like a power drill, not a Swiss Army knife. We believe in using the best tool for the job, which usually isn't an all-in-one tool.

Affordable and Profitable

Affordable and profitable with low monthly costs and the most streamlined checkout flow available, to reduce time to market, cost of implementation, liability and compliance burdens; and to increase conversion rates, profitability, and customer satisfaction. (See some case studies for proof.)


Secure. We work hard on our security so our users can take advantage of the reduced liability and compliance burdens that may be associated with using an outsourced solution to handle transactions.

Open and Honest

Open and honest with our technology and limitations, and appreciative of constructive feedback.

What Others Are Saying

Thanks for taking the time to send such a confirming email. More than ever, I now know that we made the right decision in choosing FoxyCart.
—Kip S. via Helpdesk
I really like this system, I haven’t seen another one like it. The JSON access really makes it easy to implement in a highly customized site.
—David C. via Helpdesk