FoxyCart gives me complete design freedom.
Ready to start designing with FoxyCart?
With FoxyCart, designers can focus on what they do best - designing. For the first time ever, you get complete design freedom without any platform restrictions.
Design Flexibility

Have you ever designed something amazing only to realize it'd be impossible to implement your design in whatever hideous system your client chose? With FoxyCart, you build the site however you'd like and simply add FoxyCart to your system when you're ready.

The Cart

The "Cart" in "FoxyCart" is where your products are stored for each visitor to your website. The cart itself is highly flexible, allowing for unlimited customization potential via our automatic template caching or your own advanced JSONP implementations.

Easy Integration

FoxyCart is easy for non-programmers though it does require at least enough HTML experience to build a link and copy/paste some scripts. But with FoxyCart you don't need to learn a whole new system to add ecommerce to your service offerings.


FoxyCart is easy to extend with plugins. Go from Photoshop to a FoxyCart-powered ecommerce site with SiteGrinder 3; use Wordpress if you like it. With a variety of integrations, there are plenty of options for both you and your clients.

Auto Template Caching

Your HTML, your CSS, your JS, our security. You've already built your site, got it just right, tested it across browsers. Instead of trying to fit it into some off-the-shelf system's templates, just use FoxyCart's "AutoMagiCache" automatic template caching and call it a day.


We're big on education and our forum is very active both with our team members and community members. If you're willing to learn, we're happy to teach :)