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Change is not always easy. Fortunately, migrating from CCnow to FoxyCart is pretty straightforward.

And in addition to a working ecommerce system, FoxyCart is better looking, faster, and can be fully seamless with your existing website design!

See why thousands of developers & merchants trust FoxyCart.

How FoxyCart compares to CCnow

What FoxyCart looks like.

How FoxyCart is similar to CCnow

Like CCnow, FoxyCart doesn't control your website, so migrating from CCnow to FoxyCart can be as simple as setting up a FoxyCart account and changing your CCnow "add to cart" links to point to your FoxyCart cart instead. That's good news, because it means you can migrate without any major website redesign or restructing.

FoxyCart is, however, signficantly more powerful in certain areas (like design customization), so we hope you'll take advantage of that and fully integrate your FoxyCart-powered checkout into your existing website design. Click the examples on the right for a quick example :)

How FoxyCart is different from CCnow

The biggest differences between FoxyCart and CCnow are…

  1. FoxyCart doesn't have a product catalog. Instead of requiring you to create the product in CCnow and also on your website, products in FoxyCart are entirely defined by your "add to cart" links or forms. If that sounds confusing, don't worry, we're here to help.
  2. FoxyCart is not a payment processor. We support over 50 payment gateways (and PayPal), and are happy to recommend a good option for you if you'd like. For a payment gateway/merchant with no monthly fee, low transaction rates, and quick setup, we recommend Stripe

There are many other ways in which FoxyCart is different, but we think those are the two biggest conceptual pieces to understand.

Ready? Great! Scroll down to read more, get started, or reach out for help.

Quick & Easy "Normal" Product

Products in FoxyCart are different than what you're probably expecting. Find out how.


Subscriptions & Recurring

FoxyCart has flexible and powerful recurring billing functionality, with an API to boot.


Custom Forms & Donations

Because FoxyCart doesn't control your products or inventory, you can do radically custom order forms as well as highly flexible (or simple, if you'd like) donation forms. Here's an example of a donation form:

*This form will skip the overlay cart and send you straight to checkout instead, just to give you a feel for what that's like.

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  • 15¢/transaction (max*)
  • 100 trans/mo included
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  • 5¢/transaction (max*)
  • 1,000 trans/mo included
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Use the CMS you already love.

FoxyCart is built to compliment your own preferred tools, and as such can be integrated into anything, whether it’s hardcoded HTML, a dynamic CMS, or a custom framework. Use the best tools for each specific job, not a one-size-fits-all system.

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Easy to integrate.

At it’s simplest, FoxyCart can be added with just a link or form as an “add to cart” button. Never done ecommerce before? No problem.

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Completely designable.

Everybody says it, but if you have to bend over backwards to fit yourself inside somebody else’s box, is that really customizable? No, we didn’t think so either, so we built it better with our Automagic Template Caching.

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The checkout!

Arguably the fastest checkout available in any system, anywhere. Our unique and innovative checkout is faster, better converting, and more profitable.

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We aren’t into FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Deception) as a sales tactic, but PCI compliance is a big deal. Focus on what you do best, and rely on us (a registered Visa CISP Service Provider) to save you time, stress, and liability.

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Near unlimited product flexibility.

Whether you’re selling physical goods, downloads, subscriptions, donations, one-of-a-kinds, or a product with 1,000 options, FoxyCart has you covered.

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How long can I develop for free?

We know that it can often take months to get a site launched, and paying us while you develop would be decidedly lame. While most other services offer a "free trial", you'll still end up paying before you go live. Our "free during development" allows you the ability to do everything except use a live payment gateway, indefinitely. Once you're ready for the store to start collecting real payments just pay for your FoxyCart store and you'll be able to enter your production gateway credentials.

That's a big fee for low-priced items?

Though it's listed as a flat fee above, it's actually a 0.5% fee up to the fee listed above, but the minimum is 1¢ on the low end. So if you're selling $0, $0.99, or $2 transactions, the fee is just 1¢.

This fee also takes into account non-US Dollar currencies, so you aren't unfairly penalized based on different currency values.

Non-Profit discounts, please?

Sure thing! FoxyCart is proud to serve many, many non-profits across the globe. We offer a 10% discount across the board for not-for-profit organizations. Simply contact us to provide your proof of non-profit status and we'll adjust your account. (This discount is valid only for stores on FoxyCart v1.0+.)

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Get Help


Customer support is our top priority (next to building the most flexible, powerful e-commerce platform). Below are available methods of support:

Getting Started

The following resources offer step by step directions and in depth documentation on setting up your new FoxyCart store.

Hire a Developer

Not comfortable with HTML/CSS? No worries. Fill out the form below to receive a list of recommended developers who are very familiar with FoxyCart.

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