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Tore Gustafson shares why FoxyCart stood out as the perfect e-commerce solution for Etchpop's new website.  Read our interview with Etchpop's creative director here.



  • Hello! Who are you? What’s your company? How’d you get started in web development?

    I’m Tore Gustafson and I hail from Subtext. Subtext is a digital agency from Portland, Oregon focused on helping build brands online. At Subtext we focus on putting the end-user’s experience first and map the appropriate technology to that experience second.  Subtext and I enjoy working with any brand that harnesses creativity and shows a passion for creating a better world to live in. We work with a variety of clients big and small including outdoor apparel, non-profits, cosmetics and an assortment of other consumer goods focused companies.

  • Could you describe this project? What was the goal? What was the vision?

    Etchpop is a startup, also from Portland, Oregon, that received funding from a Kickstarter program. Etchpop helps their customers make hand-made prints using laser engraved woodblocks.

  • What were your roles and responsibilities in this project?

    I oversaw the technology strategy and helped implement the e-commerce solution, FoxyCart, as well as orchestrated 3rd party integrations!

  • How’d you find FoxyCart, and what need or problem drove you to choose FoxyCart over other options?

    We’ve used numerous stand alone e-commerce solutions from the basic to advanced all of which tend to provide poor content management tools. We typically had to build a separate content facing site or hack around poor CMS tools. We were also sick of overly complex systems for simple projects or the lack of straightforward templating systems and obtuse APIs offered by so many e-commerce systems. Many WordPress e-commerce solutions suffered from poor code, lack of customization capabilities or poor support (there are a few we like in certain situations although I’m not sure we’d ever use them over FoxyShop/FoxyCart). The FoxyShop solutions allows us to focus on the user experience and content management rather than getting bogged down by the capabilities of a e-commerce only solution.

  • How was FoxyCart able to meet the need or problem?

    The most customized piece of functionality we had to implement for the Etchpop website was allowing users to upload a file for their custom woodblock.

  • What was your experience with using FoxyCart?

    FoxyCart makes e-commerce painless. By keeping the solution simple and exposing all the data via the API developers are able to support virtually any required integration.

  • What surprised you about working with FoxyCart?

    I was surprised by the potential for FoxyCart to scale. I haven’t pushed the limits yet, but I’m curious to see how far FoxyCart will be able to scale as they grow and add new features.

  • What would you say to other Developers/Designers/Merchants who are looking for an ecommerce solution?

    There is no one size fits all solution to e-commerce. I first try to gather all the technical requirements I can extract from my clients and then infer what their future needs might be before even thinking about an e-commerce solution. That said, FoxyCart fits the bill in many situations.