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Mike and his team at Eternity Web along with Kindred Design did a great job on Vermont Flannel's new website.  We always love to see awesome products being sold on awesome FoxyCart websites.





  • Hello! Who are you? What’s your company? How’d you get started in web development or with your business?

    Hi! My name is Mike Lannen, Founder + President of Eternity Web, located in amazing South Burlington, VT.

    I started the company from the ground up in my college dorm room nearly 12 years ago (in 2000) and now have multiple office locations and an amazing staff to turn ideas into reality.

    Over a decade of experience has shown us that a satisfied client is more than a customer. They are a partner for the long term. Launching a web site is really just the beginning of a successful project.

    Our expert staff is always available to assist you with quick and courteous service, helping you to keep your web presence fresh and effective. We know our clients by name. No one is a “customer number” in an endless database. And when you call Eternity Web during office hours someone will actually pick up the phone! We want to be your expert web partners, and we look forward to working with you!

  • Could you describe this project? What was the goal? What was the vision?

    Vermont Flannel is a long established flannel clothing company with several physical locations in beautiful Vermont. Their previous website was lacking a modern feel that best represented their brand and the functionality was limited. Our goal was to create a stunning new design and an easy to use site to generate more orders.

  • What were your roles and responsibilities in this project?

    Our role in the project was to create wire frame layouts for the project and to program the site using the MODX CMS and integrating all e-commerce functionality. The design was a collaboration effort with one our amazing design partners Kindred Design (

  • How’d you find FoxyCart, and what need or problem drove you to choose FoxyCart over other options?

    In the past we had used several 3rd party e-commerce solutions to integrate store functionality. However nothing we used ever integrated seamlessly with MODX (our CMS of choice).

  • How was FoxyCart able to meet the need or problem?

    Foxycart worked beautifully! It allowed us to use the CMS of our choice and integrate it flawlessly into the site without recreating the wheel. The learning curve was extremely small and the feature list is extensive and adaptable to our needs.

  • What surprised you about working with FoxyCart?

    What surprised us most about using Foxycart was just how FAST it was to get up and running and then after digging deeper to find out how much it can be customized.

  • What would you say to other Developers/Designers/Merchants who are looking for an ecommerce solution?

    FoxyCart is a no-brainer for e-commerce projects small and large. It’s ability to integrate into any CMS or static based web site sets it apart from the rest. The user community as well as the staff of Foxycart are highly approachable and available for support and troubleshooting.