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Tommy, Jimmy, and Adam (from FoxyPress)

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From brick and mortar to the web, Jimmy and Tommy were able to expand their clientele while offering a fresh approach to ordering custom print by launching a beautiful, powerful e-commerce website.



  • Hello! Who are you? What’s your company? How’d you get started in web development or with your business?

    Hey there, our names are Jimmy and Tommy. We both own a local print shop in Steger called WeThePrinters.com. Both of us have always had a dream about starting up our own business doing what we love. After years of talking about it, we finally stepped up to the plate and did it.

    Being a local print sho
    p in town, we have assisted a ton of clients locally but decided it’s time to expand our clientele. We asked ourselves “How can we do that?” The internet! We both knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but with passion standing by our side we had nothing stopping us. Printing is something we enjoy doing especially the clients expression when they see their completed print job. It’s priceless.

  • Could you describe this project? What was the goal? What was the vision?

    This project was one of a kind. The experience was amazing because not only was the project successful, we learned a few things from it as well! We started doing research of other major printing companies just to see how things “should” be laid out. So, to start our journey, we needed a developer that was highly professional and also knows how to work with foxycart. We met Kevin Powell from Under The Bed Studios. To begin the project, we had to brainstorm ideas to find a good solution. 

    Doing research, we realized all of these online print companies all look the same. We realized that when you upload your designs online to be printed, you can’t see where your upload goes. Kevin gave us the idea that these designs SHOULD be seen BEFORE they are submitted so clients know exactly that their business card, flyer, brochure etc should look like when it’s finished. We felt that Kevin’s idea was perfect, it sounded amazing and plus no one had it! 

  • What were your roles and responsibilities in this project?

    Jimmy’s role was the project manager and also web developer. If there were any problems on the back end of the website he was there to fix it. Tommy’s role was the design portion of the entire brand and also website.

  • How’d you find FoxyCart, and what need or problem drove you to choose FoxyCart over other options?

    Well we wanted to stay away from that confusing ‘corporate e-commerce’ look.  After doing research on the internet we found FoxyCart after witnessing it on another website and just thought it was PERFECT to use. It looked sleek and clean which is what we were looking for! Looking into FoxyCart we saw FoxyPress which is obviously for WordPress which what our website platform is. So we knew right away that FoxyCart is definitely for us. It was user friendly versus the other e-commerce plugins that are out there. FoxyCart is by far the best, because you can basically set up with NO cost to you until you’re ready to launch! That took some weight off of our shoulders.

  • How was FoxyCart able to meet the need or problem?

    FoxyCart is user friendly! Thats all that we needed. We were anxious to launch our website but did not want to deal with e-commerce coding. With FoxyCart, its a walk in the park!

  • What was your experience with using FoxyCart?

    FoxyCart has made things so much easier! Not only has FoxyCart helped us, but the support that comes with it is unbelieveable. Most places will get back to you within weeks and by that time it’s too late. Both Adam from FoxyPress and Kevin from Under The Bed Studios were a HUGE help. FoxyCart has been a lifesaver, it has made us feel and look more effective than ever.

  • What surprised you about working with FoxyCart?

    That it was SO EASY TO USE! We thought there was going to be a TON of coding and programming but we realized that everything on the back end was practically done for you. Also the support that comes with it! Searching through the forums and asking questions can always help and the admins plus other FoxyCart users are right there to assist you with your problems. It’s like one big family.

  • What would you say to other Developers/Designers/Merchants who are looking for an ecommerce solution?

    Don’t bother looking around, FoxyCart is your solution. There’s no other ecommerce that can compare to FoxyCart. It will save you time and ESPECIALLY money. It’s a win-win all day.