There are times when a product requires such an advanced product order form that it makes the average web-designer’s head spin. Using a standard “all in one” e-commerce platform, such complex order forms can be a nightmare. Not so with FoxyCart. We often say, “If you can build the form, FoxyCart can handle the product.” required a complex form to take custom measurements for spa covers. Because of FoxyCart’s flexible product handling functionality, Mendenhall Design was quickly and easily able to create an extremely usable order form that matched their site’s look and feel perfectly. Josh at Mendelhall Design had this to say:

FoxyCart was just the thing that we were looking for. sells such a specialized product so they needed a shopping cart that could collect all the information that was needed for each order, FoxyCart was the only shopping cart that fit the bill. It is a great product for designers looking to build a custom shopping experience. Thanks Foxycart.