Giving Children Hope is a fantastic organization that specializes in collecting, repurposing, and distributing goods (primarily medical-related goods) to communities in need, all around the world. Unlike most non-profits, GCHope relies extremely heavily on local partner organizations, so it's kind of like a non-profit that serves other non-profits.

Because of their unique strategy, their website needs to not only promote but communicate their fundraising needs across dozens of active projects at a single time. Though it's possible to donate to their general fund, they also wanted to allow their donors to be able not only to see funding needs for individual projects, but also to donate specifically to those projects if desired. In the screenshots above you can see that each and every project on the website has a "Funding Status" bar showing the total needed as well as the total received.

This type of custom functionality isn't available in any off the shelf system, but it was easy for GCHope's web developers to use FoxyCart's datafeeds and API to update the MODX CMS custom fields with the donations as they come in through FoxyCart.

Additionally, we received word from GCHope that within months of switching from their previous donation systems (they had numerous, all confusing and expensive) to unifying on FoxyCart not only had their donors successfully transitioned to donating online, but the overall donations increased significantly. (*For privacy reasons we cannot disclose, but we were extremely happy to have helped them increase their fundraising goals.)

I thought I'd give a little update on something I've been trying to track. Since I started here we have taken in close to $XXXXX*. However what is cool to see is that about half of it has come in using FoxyCart which we only just started using. Yay for FoxyCart!!