Kevin at Burst Creative was kind enough to share the following about their experience using FoxyCart for their very first ecommerce site.

The Good Soil website was Burst Creative’s first foray into the world of ecommerce, and as such we went searching for the right shopping cart solution. FoxyCart turned out to be the perfect choice.

One of the most appealing aspects of FoxyCart is the ability to integrate it seamlessly with the rest of the website. By redefining the css styles to match ours, and by purchasing our own secure certificate, we were able to achieve the same effect as if we built a shopping cart directly in our templates – and that without dealing with merchant account integration, live shipping costs, and PCI compliancy! We leave all that stuff to the very capable FoxyCart team.

FoxyCart also allows us the flexibility to store and display product inventory using our existing content management system (Expression Engine). This allows us to take full advantage of the CMS capabilities while utilizing FoxyCart features such as quantity discounts and downloadable products.