Steve from Fusionary took some time to share their experience with using FoxyCart for Marie Catribs' new website:

This was a fairly typical redesign project for us except that we donated a lot of our time. We really wanted to help Marie Catrib’s make the website experience as good as the rest of the Marie Catrib’s experience. Our designers drew inspiration from Catrib’s physical space and a handful of their awesome and talented employees.

I worked with Marie’s to get the project rolling and took the lead on site architecture. After that I gave our designers tons of time and space to work on their ideas. As the site was being built I continued with my role as project coordinator and quality control. The design and implementation credit goes to the other members of the team.

We were looking for a low cost solution we could integrate with ExpressionEngine. FoxyCart bubbled up as the best choice for this project.

Integration was straight forward and the support was very good.