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Changes for the week 2017-02-12

By Sami Fiaz | February 13, 2017

Changes for the week 2017-02-12

  • v2.0: When your store's shipping settings are configured to rate as commercial based on if the company field is filled in, we now re-run the shipping rate calculations when the company field is either cleared out of a value is set.
  • v2.0: Fix for an issue in cart redirect URLs related to & was showing up as &
  • v2.0: PayPal Express Checkout (Reference Transactions) now properly set the now NoShipping value to 2 only if there are shippable products in the order.
  • v2.0: PayPal Plus improvements to allow for coupons on the checkout, the creation of the experience profile, and better error handling.
  • v2.0: Fix for future coupons not using the correct locale settings for number of decimal points for the currency.
  • hAPI: Adding send_emails and process_webhook link relationships which were missing from the Transaction resource documentation.