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Changes for the week ending 2012-09-23

By Sami Fiaz | September 24, 2012

Changes for the week ending 2012-09-23:

  • v0.6.0 - v0.7.2: Fix for problems where deleting a tax overwrites another tax rate with the deleted tax rate's data.
  •  v0.3.0 - v0.6.0: When creating a store in pre-070 admin versions, the customer password hashing method wasn't being set correctly which would prevent returning customers from logging in.
  • v0.7.2 - v1.0: When modifying a coupon using the import coupon code mode, all codes for that coupon would be removed and re-added. If any subscriptions were relying on those codes, the subscription would lose the coupon discount (patched back to 0.7.2).