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Can I use FoxyCart as a “multi-vendor system” or “marketplace” like ThemeForest or Etsy?

This is a relatively common question that almost no systems can really handle out of the box. FoxyCart could definitely be a part of the solution, but the underlying issues require a much more difficult and interesting (and involved) type of implementation. There are a few reasons for this, but give these forum threads a look for more info:

We’d recommend using FoxyCart to power your sales, and adding something likeiDevAffiliate as a base and creating the functionality you need that way. iDevAffiliate will make payments automatically and also allows users to login and track their “sales”, so if you can pipe the appropriate amounts into it from the FoxyCart XML datafeed you have the base of a very flexible system.

That said, this type of approach isn’t an “out of the box” capability of FoxyCart, and would require significant expertise and time to accomplish.