FoxyCart allows you to sell any product, to any customer, on any website, on any device. Create and manage multiple stores from one dashboard, without paying a dime. FoxyCart is completely free during development. You only pay us when you are ready to go live. No limitations. No strings attached. All backed with help from our awesome support team.

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There are no limitations on what types of products you can create, how you create them, or how many options they have. If you can build the add-to-cart link or form, you can add a product to your website. Learn more ▸

Physical Products

Selling a product that needs to be shipped? No problem. Pass in the name, price, and weight parameters and you are good to go.


Easily create a subscription based product with custom frequency, start date, end date, and price. Plus any other custom parameters you need.


Set pre-defined donation amounts or let your donors specify an amount. Charge your donors on a specfied frequency with recurring donations.

Custom Products & Options

Sell products with any number of custom options: color, size, type, etc. Each option can be configured to modify the price, weight, and more.

Downloadable Products

Host unlimited downloads with us, on your server, or with third party services. Configure download limits and more.

Product Categories

Product categories allow you to configure values that cannot be set on a per-product basis (Taxes, Shipping & Handling, Discounts, Coupons, and Category-specific email notifications)

Cart, Checkout, and Receipt

Your website. Our cart. A match made in heaven. Style your FoxyCart related templates to seamlessly match your website. Add custom fields, content, functionality, and more. When we say 100% control, we actually mean it.

Automatic Template Catching

Style your FoxyCart related templates (cart, checkout, receipt, email) to match your website so your customers have a seamless checkout experience.

One-Page Checkout+

Our checkout will make you more money by making it easier for your customers to pay you. Fast, user friendly, and completely customizable.


After each successful transaction, your customers will see a beautiful, customizable receipt that can be accessed at a later time with its unique URL.

Guest and Account Checkout

Configure what options customers are given at checkout (Guest only, Account only, or Guest + Account) Easily set which option is the default.


Our cart is completely customizable, and can be configured to display in different ways: overlay (modal window), full page, and even more advanced displays with JSONP.

Custom Checkout Fields

Collect custom info from your customers on checkout. Make specific fields mandatory and send information to 3rd party services like MailChimp.

Transaction Emails

FoxyCart's transaction emails are completely customizable and will be sent automatically to your customers when a transaction is made.

Custom Subdomains

Give your customers an even more seamless shopping experience with custom subdomains (ie:

Payments, Coupons, and Discounts

Getting paid shouldn't be hard. Fortunately FoxyCart makes it easy to connect to your payment gateway and start accepting payments instantly. Quickly create coupons and discounts to offer to your customers as well.

Payment Gateways

With support for over 70 different payment gateways and alternate payment methods, setting up your payment options is a breeze.

Alternate Payment Methods

Sometimes plastic isn't the preferred payment method for your customers. Fortunately FoxyCart supports multiple alternate payment methods such as Bitcoin, Amazon Payments, and Dwolla.


Create coupons to give to your customers. Configure the discount type, usage settings product categories it applies to, and more.

Unified Order Entry

Easily checkout as the customer with the Super-Password. This comes in handy for phone orders, fax orders, orders taken at an event, and more.


FoxyCart is a PayPal Gold Partner that supports PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Website Payments Pro, and PayPal Payflow Pro.

Purchase Orders

Allow your customers to checkout with a Purchase Order #. Or change the customer facing language to use this field for something else: affiliate tracking ID, COD, etc.


Instantly apply discounts based on different criteria and scenarios. Product, category, quantity, and price specific discounts are all possible.

Shipping, Taxes, and Localization

Not every business does things the same way. Configure your shipping options and tax rates exactly how you want them. Easily change customer facing language to better communicate with your customers.

Shipping and Handling

Live rates, flat rates, local pickup, and free shipping. It's all included. Plus the flexibility for special rates based on weight price, product, etc.


Configure an unlimited number of tax rates for different regions. Or have taxes for US customers automatically calculated.


Give your customers the option to order and ship products to multiple recipients and addresses. This is great for purchasing products as a gift.


Choose from our current list of translations or manually modify all customer-facing language. You are given full control of language and dialect.

Integrate and Sync

What good is data if you can't use it how you want? With our powerful API, webhooks, JSONP, Single Sign On, and password hashing, you can integrate with anything and securely send data to your desired endpoint.


Create extremely tight integrations. Super powerful and well documented. Manage customers, transactions, subscriptions, and more.


Get even more advanced with your cart. Parse the JSON data that is produced and display it on your website however you would like.

Customer Password Hashing

FoxyCart supports multiple password hashing methods, so regardless the system you're using you can share the password hash rather than the cleartext.

Datafeed / Webhooks

Securely send transaction data to any endpoint URL and do with it what you will. The possibilities are endless and setup is straightforward.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Customers login to your site, and are already logged in on your FoxyCart-powered checkout.

Hosting and Security

With FoxyCart, security no longer has to be a concern. Our professional team goes to great lengths to make sure your and your customers' information is safe and sound. No more security headaches or worries.

Why Hosted?

Build, host, and manage your website how you want. We'll take care of the cart and checkout on our secure infrastructure.


Our team vigilantly protects your data so you can focus on what matters to you. We make your load light by doing the heavy lifting.

Product Validation

Keep your product pricing and information from being tampered with by locking down your add-to-cart links and forms.


Secure primary and failover environment. Super fast content delivery network. 24/7 monitoring and testing. You're in good hands.

PCI DSS Compliance

FoxyCart carries the PCI compliance burden so you don't have to. We are a Level 1 Service Provider, which is the highest level of PCI compliance and certification.