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Do you offer a standalone or self-hosted version of FoxyCart?


The short:
FoxyCart is not available as a self-hosted system, just like Basecamp, Blinksale, Twitter, or your other favorite web apps. This page might help explain why.

The long:
Hosting ecommerce yourself is, 90% of the time, more trouble than it’s worth. This is especially true as PCI compliance changes and the rules become more strict. Your cost in the additional business insurance necessary to store credit cards and personal information on your own servers is very likely more than $15/mo. There are lots of costs that you’d never think about, and with FoxyCart, you don’t have to.

Additionally, if you’ve ever used a self-hosted solution, you’re probably familiar with the constant security patches and updates that you need to apply (or risk getting hacked). That’s ok if you manage one store for yourself, but if you’re a web professional with many clients, that gets really old, really fast. You finish a project, get paid, move on to the next, then see a security alert. Now you either ignore it and let your client get compromised, or you have to go back, bill the client again, hope they’re willing to pay for a cost you likely didn’t tell them about in the original project proposal, and etc.

A self-hosted version of FoxyCart would, also, massively increase our support burden. We really don’t have the time or the interest in figuring out why a particular feature won’t work on Fedora Core 5 with whatever assortment of other systems the user may have running. Or why things are slow on a shared hosting environment. Or etc. We’d rather focus on providing the best solution available, and not on tracking down all the bugs that would inevitably pop up.

Finally, even though FoxyCart is hosted, it’s far more flexible (in the ways that most people care about) than any self-hosted solution we’ve seen. FoxyCart is clearly not for everybody, but in order to keep FoxyCart true to the original mission, we’re a hosted service at this point. We may offer a self-hosted solution in the future, and we do have enterprise plans for users that have very specific requirements, but we feel that FoxyCart as a hosted solution offers more advantages than disadvantages for the vast majority of users.

What about turnkey solutions or integrating into larger systems?
If you have a turnkey solution or larger system that you’d like to integrate FoxyCart into, please vote for it on our request board.