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How do we submit a site to the Featured Stores section?


Just go ahead and send over anything you feel would be useful for us to feature your store. We don’t include all sites in our featured sites gallery, so if your store has some of the following characteristics it is much more likely to be included.

  • It’s just plain gorgeous.
  • It has advanced integration with another system (CMS, fulfillment, marketing, accounting, customer management, etc.)
  • It has a highly customized/integrated cart or checkout

We also are interested in:

  • Sites where FoxyCart worked when other systems wouldn’t have.
  • Sites where FoxyCart’s unique functionality saved money or time.
  • Sites where FoxyCart’s unique functionality improved conversions, increased profit, or etc.

We realize that all sounds very FoxyCart-centric, but please don’t take it the wrong way. We realize that every FoxyCart store is unique and worth featuring, but time constraints prohibit us from featuring every site using FoxyCart.