Coupons? Yes.

But not only does FoxyCart support a wide variety of coupon code and discount logic, that'd be meaningless if we weren't also innovating in how coupon codes are entered by the customer.

Coupons increase sales...

If you're looking at this page you probably don't need us to tell you this, but (in addition to the plethora of research available online) our own data suggests that…

Stores with even a single coupon code tend to generate 60% more revenue and 83% more transactions than stores not utilizing coupon codes, and those numbers increase (significantly) as the number of coupon codes increases.

Stores with 10 or more coupon codes do 3.8x the revenue and 3x the transactions. According to our data, at least. (No joke.) It's not a magic bullet, but simply having coupon codes available can motivate an otherwise “too busy” merchant or marketer to do some email marketing or advertisements promoting the coupon codes. Try it! According to our system-wide data, you won't regret it.

Except when they don't...

Interestingly, having a prominent place to enter your coupon codes can actually lower your conversion rate. Sounds odd, but have you ever seen a coupon code box and left the site you were on mid-purchase in order to Google for a coupon code to use? And in doing so have you ever found another place to purchase from, or just given up because you didn't have a discount (that you didn't know existed just minutes prior)?

We have. And your customers have too. Which is why FoxyCart hides the coupon entry field unless your stores have active coupons. It also is displayed only on the cart. By default it's not displayed too prominently, since if the customer has a code they'll be looking for it anyway. (Though you can always customize the appearance to make it more prominent if desired.)

The way we've approached coupon codes in FoxyCart is the way we approach everything: We reexamine the assumptions of ecommerce to give you the most powerful, flexible, and profitable ecommerce platform available.

Coupon Options & Discount Types

Not all coupon codes have the same function. FoxyCart supports flexible discounting methods that allow you significant flexibility in determining how and when a discount is applied:

  • Discount by an amount based on the quantity in product category.
  • Discount by a percentage based on the quantity in product category.
  • Discount by an amount based on the price in product category.
  • Discount by a percentage based on the price in product category.

All of those discounting methods support multiple tiers, so you could not only say (for example), "If 4 or more products are in the cart add a $20 discount," but also, "If 2-3 products are in the cart, add a 10% discount; and if 4+ products are in the cart add a 20%." Further, coupons can be applied in a variety of ways:

  • Set valid date ranges.
  • Optionally apply only to specific product categories.
  • Apply repeating discounts, like a "Buy One Get One". (ie. "Buy 1, get the next 50% off.")
  • Make coupons non-combinable with other coupons, or with quantity discounts (as separate settings).
  • Apply the coupon's discount before or after applying taxes.
  • Restrict usage by the number of times a coupon has been used.

Bulk Generation of Coupon Codes

Doing marketing with Groupon or Google Offers? No problem. FoxyCart can not only handle the traffic your site might generate, it can also bulk generate coupon codes for you (well into the tens of thousands), as well as accept coupon code imports. And when generating what we call "coupon code variants" (which inherit their settings from the parent code) the usage per code can still be limited to 1 usage. This allows easy marketing activities with coupon promotion sites.

Examples of Coupons in the wild