Share passwords. Kind of.

Cleartext bad. Hashing good. (Get it? Hash -> Potatos?)

Very closely related to Single Sign-On, our flexible password hashing is best understood in the context of integrating users from your system with FoxyCart customer records. As with SSO, you don't want to subject your customers (or your conversion rate) to the horror of mismatched passwords. Yet we also know that storing (let alone sharing) passwords in cleartext is a major no-no.

The good news is that FoxyCart can support a variety of password hashing methods, so regardless the system you're using you can share the password hash rather than the cleartext. This allows for your customers to use the same password on your site as on your FoxyCart-powered checkout, making for happy customers, lower support burdens, and higher conversion rates.

Some of the systems FoxyCart includes support for are Wordpress, MODX, Concrete5, and other CMSs and frameworks. Check the complete list of supported password hashing methods, and if you need us to add support for a new method just let us know.