Alternate Payment Methods

Because plastic isn't the only way to pay...

Though accepting payments by credit and debit cards usually constitute the majority of online transactions, there are a variety of other payment methods that solve the problem of online transactions in unique (and affordable) ways. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the need to accept payment in whichever method your customers may request, and FoxyCart supports a variety of alternate payment methods.

Alternate Payment Methods

Global Payment Methods

FoxyCart is a PayPal Gold Partner, and we're happy to support PayPal payment methods (including PayPal Credit). Since PayPal is such a large payment system we've devoted a full page to it. Please read more about our partnership with PayPal.

Our PayPal Express Checkout (aka "Standard", though technically they're different) integration supports recurring billing, and can be reached from the cart as well as from the checkout.

FoxyCart supports Bitcoin payments through Coinbase and If you aren't familiar with Bitcoin, the high level overview is that it's an open-source, peer-to-peer virtual currency with growing global support. If you're targeting a more technically inclined, early-adopter crowd, bitcoin support might go a long way.

We currently support bitcoin payments from the checkout for non-recurring transactions.

A worldwide leader in payment services, 2Checkout maximizes online sales conversions by giving global buyers localized payment options. Trusted by over 50,000 merchants, 2Checkout supports transactions in 196 countries through 8 payment methods, 26 currencies, and 15 languages, forming one of the leading processors of online transactions in the world. Click here to signup for 2Checkout

MercadoPago is the largest platform for online payments in Latin America, where users can send and receive money via e-mail and pay your purchases in all websites that accept MercadoPago.

PesaPal is an online payment system where buyers can pay for goods/services online using funds from their MPESA, AirtelMoney, YuCash and Credit Cards.

…for the US

Dwolla allows payment through bank transfers, completely bypassing the payment card network (and its fees). We're big fans of Dwolla, and are excited to see increased competition in the payments world. At a flat 25¢ fee to receive a payment it's radically cheaper than normal payment card fees, and it allows customers another solid way to pay.

We currently support Dwolla payments from the checkout for non-recurring transactions.

Amazon Pay allows your customers to complete their payment to you using their Amazon accounts. (This doesn't have anything to do with your products actually being listed on It only allows your customers to pay you using their existing Amazon accounts.) In addition to Amazon having a massive userbase, they also offer quite compelling fees, especially if you're doing high volume.

…for Europe

iDEAL is a popular direct bank transfer payment method in The Netherlands. If you're a Dutch merchant, iDEAL support is a must, and we are happy to support you.

Skrill is an e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet, with a focus on low-cost international money transfers.

DIBS offers a number of payment methods, such as bank transfers and other region specific options for European users.

Need something else?

Just let us know. We take all feedback seriously, and try to add features according to the needs of our community.