Purchase Orders

And "Non-Payment" Approaches

Using the “Purchase Order” payment method allows you to have a required (but otherwise “open” input, in that there is no additional validation) field on your checkout. This can be used for customers to enter Purchase Order #s generated in another system, or for any other sort of atypical payment approach.

Because all the customer-facing language strings in FoxyCart are editable you could easily change this PO field to read, “Digital Signature” or anything else, which allows a bit more flexibility. You could also hide this field entirely and populate it with a value from the FoxyCart JSON (an affiliate ID, perhaps), allowing an order without an online payment method.

Alternate Uses

We've seen our users use the PO payment method in a variety of ways, including things like:

  • Bypassing a "real" payment method, where the cart+checkout flow is used to reserve things that will be paid for in person;
  • Affiliate tracking (though there are other (normally better) ways to do this);
  • Renaming to COD or other offline payment methods.