Recurring Billing:

Flexible and powerful enough for us to use ourselves.

FoxyCart’s subscriptions functionality takes care of automatically and regularly billing your customers at the frequency you choose, leaving you to focus on your business and the products or services you’re offering. Easily specify subscription start and end dates, how frequently it runs, and even control when a current subscription will run next by altering it’s next transaction date.

How It Works With Gateways

FoxyCart allows merchants to process subscription and recurring-billing type products in a secure and flexible way, without relying on gateway-specific solutions which are often costly and less flexible for the merchant and the customer. To do this, FoxyCart securely stores the customer's payment information, and provides access to subscriptions to the merchant through the FoxyCart admin, to the developer through the API, and to the customer through a variety of link possibilities (included in the email receipts by default).

Starting Simple & Going Advanced

FoxyCart subscriptions are nearly as simple to set up as a normal product, allowing you to easily get started with recurring billing. But if you need to get more advanced, you certainly can. The API allows for complete control over your subscriptions, and the datafeeds provide push notification to your system when a subscription is upated. This allows for highly useful integrations such as requiring an active subscription in order to retrieve access to your website's content.

Cart-Based Subscriptions

Unlike many other options, FoxyCart's subscription functionality is based on a cart, so your subscriptions are more than just a flat price. This allows for unique possibilities, like bundling products together for recurring billing. It also allows you to take basically any type of product, be it a donation or underwear or a toothbrush, and turn it into a sort of "auto-ship" product.

Multiple Subscriptions per Customer

Though not required by all merchants, FoxyCart does support multiple unique subscriptions per customer. You could have a monthly subscription as well as an annual subscription, or whatever your business requirements demand.

We Eat Our Own Dog Food

As mentioned above, we use FoxyCart's standard recurring billing functionality to bill our own users, and we have since 2007 (though we've made many improvements since then). Subscriptions are a "first class citizen" in FoxyCart, and not just an afterthought. When you build your business relying on FoxyCart's subscription functionality you can rest assured that we've done so as well, and we take recurring billing very seriously.

Examples of Subscriptions in the wild