Brett tries every ecommerce option available and grows to hate them all. Spends many, many dozens of hours looking for it, but ultimately waits for somebody else to build the Holy Grail of ecommerce.


Brett realizes nobody else is going to build it, so convinces Luke to help him build an ecommerce system that's a "master of one" instead of a "jack of all". Luke says, "Yeah, we should be able to knock that out in a weekend."

Apr 23, 2007

More than a weekend passes. FoxyCart accidentally launches in beta because the signup form was public and Google ranked the temp site #1 in various keyphrases. We get our first paying user!

May 1, 2008

We hit a small milestone for usage, and decide it's time to move beyond a spreadsheet to a real accounting system. Two months later we grow the team and add Fred to take over the sysadmin role after having more than one previous sysadmin fall off the face of the earth. (Common problem for sysadmins, it seems.)

Sept 12, 2009

Scaling pains lead to our first scheduled maintenance event for a datacenter and systems migration. All hands are on deck, but it goes perfectly according to plan.

Jan 21, 2010

One of our higher profile users gets slashdotted (effectively), which slows some FoxyCart systems to a crawl. We prepare for a major infrastructure shift.

We also expand the team again to include Adam to help with support to allow the rest of the team to continue to improve the FoxyCart system.

Nov 7, 2010

After 6 months of planning, we migrate our application environment to Firehost.


The team continues to grow, and we start many large projects like Level 1 Service Provider PCI certification (moving up from Level 2), a new website, and a geographically discrete hot failover environment.


A big year for FoxyCart with a new www website (that you're browsing now), finally calling a version 1.0, and new pricing that allowed us to better serve both smaller and larger merchants.


This has been an exciting and productive year. We are now a Visa CISP Level 1 Service Provider. We also went live with our hot failover environment.

2014 & Beyond!

FoxyCart’s Reason for Being

FoxyCart's raison d'être is simple:

To provide web professionals with a powerful, flexible, secure, and enjoyable e-commerce platform with which to deliver more profitable e-commerce sites to their merchant clients.

This focus on serving web professionals who in turn serve merchants is a unique approach, and can best be understood in the context of FoxyCart's birth.

In the beginning...

In the beginning… we waited for somebody else to build the perfect e-commerce platform. We'd tried dozens of systems, yet every time a client requested e-commerce we still spent dozens of hours scouring the internet for the Holy Grail, for some stone unturned. We knew how to build sites, which libraries we liked, how to author HTML and CSS. We wanted e-commerce that worked with us, not a system that forced us to re-learn the basics just to end up with a cludgy, antiquated site that was a bear to maintain and a beast to customize.

We had a CMS we loved, and we'd be damned if we were going to use anything inferior. We wanted an e-commerce platform that was CMS agnostic, that we didn't have to worry about the security of, and that we could easily style to match the handcoded HTML+CSS we'd already built.

So we waited. And waited. Years, we waited. Until we could wait no more. Brett finally realized that this Holy Grail of e-commerce wasn't going to build itself, so he proposed it to Luke, who said (no joke): “Yeah, I think we could pull that off in a weekend.” Brett knew that Luke was sorely mistaken, but also had a hunch that if Luke fully grasped the vision for FoxyCart he would run for the hills. So Brett kept his mouth shut, and a full year later, FoxyCart was launched.

What's in the name?

People often ask how we came up with the name “FoxyCart”. We started calling it FoxyCart as a sort of codename, not intending to ever use it publicly. For better or for worse, all the .com domains were taken for every other idea we had, and in the absence of anything official, the moniker became what we knew and loved. Exciting and true!

Growing and serving

Because FoxyCart was bootstrapped, we weren't beholden to investors (except ourselves), which allowed us to grow and scale at a comfortable pace. More importantly, however, it allowed us to focus on our users and meeting their needs. Even 5 years later, FoxyCart's co-founders are still active in the forum, and make it a point to personally interact and learn from FoxyCart users.

That's not to say that we haven't come a long way, however. As more and more web developers (and the merchants they serve) began to rely on us, we've worked diligently improving our infrastructure to meet the expectations that our users have for us, as well as the responsibilities we feel to each and every merchant. This has meant hiring some of the most talented developers we've ever had the pleasure of working with, as well as improving every aspect of our systems and infrastructure. Throughout it all, however, what's most important to us is meeting the needs of web developers and their clients.

The present and future

FoxyCart is profitable, debt free, and used by thousands of merchants all over the world. FoxyCart is also growing at a healthy rate, and we are continuing to listen to our users and solve the challenges of ecommerce in unique and better ways than other options. For more specifics about our systems, security, and certifications:

We're extremely excited about the future of FoxyCart. If you have any questions about who we are or what we do, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Our Founders

Brett Florio
Fun with ISO Country Codes: US

Brett Florio Co-Founder, CEO, Product Manager

The hare to Luke's tortoise, FoxyCart was born of Brett's pain, and he continues to serve as product manager as well as wearing many other hats (including of the straw variety, pictured at left). In addition to solving problems and setting the roadmap for FoxyCart, he also enjoys learning new musical instruments, reading, sketching, and playing "kittydoggy" with his three daughters.

Luke Stokes
Fun with ISO Country Codes: US

Luke Stokes Co-Founder, CTO, Lead Developer

With the single-minded focus of 1,000 ninjas, Luke keeps the development of FoxyCart on track. Luke is also the reason we don't make promises we can't keep, and the driving force behind under-promising and over-delivering.

When he's not programming you might catch him playing disc golf, reading books, watching movies, discussing Bitcoin, meeting with the fantastic Nashville tech community, or playing with his kids.