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Not just 7 or 30 days. Take as much time as you need.

We know how it goes: Sometimes a free trial is nowhere near long enough to build an amazing, custom ecommerce site. So take your time, familiarize yourself with FoxyCart, and only pay when your store goes live.

No credit card required until you're ready to start accepting real transactions.


  • Standard

    15¢/sale (max*)
  • $20 $15/month
  • First 100 trans/mo included
  • Custom SSL ($100/yr) (?)
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  • Advanced

    5¢/sale (max*)
  • $300 $250/month
  • First 1,000 trans/mo included
  • Custom SSL included (?)
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  • Enterprise

  • If you have specific needs like custom TOS, support, SLA, failover, functionality, or high volume processing, we're happy to help.
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How long can I develop for free?

We know that it can often take months to get a site launched, and paying us while you develop would be decidedly lame. While most other services offer a "free trial", you'll still end up paying before you go live. Our "free during development" allows you the ability to do everything except use a live payment gateway, indefinitely. Once you're ready for the store to start collecting real payments just pay for your FoxyCart store and you'll be able to enter your production gateway credentials.

Transaction fees? Why?

For the first 5 years of FoxyCart, we had only a single one-size-fits-all plan. What we found was that the vast majority of our users (micro and small businesses) were subsidizing the larger merchants who were putting serious load on our systems. As we've worked to build the robust and secure infrastructure that we have, we wanted to price our service as equitably as possible. A small per-transaction fee ensures that small businesses can take advantage of our service, without getting taken advantage of.

Our goal is to provide an ecommerce platform that grows with your needs and revenues. By giving all our users unlimited everything but pricing based on transactions, we can offer merchants of all sizes a fair price & solid value.

That's a big fee for low-priced items?

Though it's listed as a flat fee above, it's actually a 0.5% fee up to the fee listed above, but the minimum is 1¢ on the low end. So if you're selling $0, $0.99, or $2 transactions, the fee is just 1¢.

This fee also takes into account non-US Dollar currencies, so you aren't unfairly penalized based on different currency values.

Any hidden fees?

Nope. No signup, cancellation, storage, bandwidth, or usage fees beyond what's listed above. *Additional fees from your payment processor may apply.

What is a Custom SSL?

While you can use a subdomain like out of the box with FoxyCart, Custom SSL allows you to use something like for your FoxyCart store. Still completely secured, but it makes the experience even more unified for your customers. This is entirely optional.

What if I need help?

We're here for you. Please take a look at our support options and let us know what we can do for you.

I have questions before I sign up…

Great! We're happy to answer them. Make sure you first read What FoxyCart Is and What FoxyCart is Not, then get in touch.

Non-Profit discounts, please?

Sure thing! FoxyCart is proud to serve many, many non-profits across the globe. We offer a 10% discount across the board for not-for-profit organizations. Simply contact us to provide your proof of non-profit status and we'll adjust your account. (This discount is valid only for stores on FoxyCart v1.0+.)

Can I host FoxyCart on my own server?

Please give this page a read for a better understanding of how and why FoxyCart is offered as a hosted service. (Short answer: You host your site wherever you'd like. The FoxyCart-powered cart and checkout are securely hosted on our infrastructure, but can be fully styled to match your site.)

Affiliate program?

We do have an affiliate program. Please contact us for details.


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