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I brought it (website/online store) from conception to success within a week - a big thanks to FoxyCart for the easy set up.

Eric G. via Helpdesk

FoxyCart has been the perfect online giving platform for us and you guys have always been very helpful and responsive. Thanks for your support!

Drew B. via Helpdesk

Thank you again very much for the help. Really, you all make it possible for me to create a shopping experience for my customers that rivals the very best websites.

Eric T. via Helpdesk

I've got to say that this has been the most awesome interaction I've ever had with any product I've used!

Steve R. via Helpdesk

Thanks for taking the time to send such a confirming email. More than ever, I now know that we made the right decision in choosing FoxyCart.

Kip S. via Helpdesk

This has been by far, hands down, THE best support I have ever received from any web company.

Steven L. via Helpdesk

I have to tell you, I'm completely impressed by your help. I hadn't used FoxyCart before this project, but I have several other e-commerce sites in development, and I can tell you I'm going to recommend (insist) that those clients use FoxyCart as well. You guys have been a pleasure - a thoroughly knowledgeable pleasure - to deal with.

Randall S. via Helpdesk

We appreciate all your time and effort to resolve this issue. Support like this is why we love FoxyCart!

Dale L. via Helpdesk

Love FoxyCart. It's pretty amazing, so simple, yet so powerful.

Oliver P. via Helpdesk

Although I am still learning the code I have managed to move the whole website to Foxy in less than a day! And that's before I even started reading the documentation :-) All based on your examples.

Ensar H. via Helpdesk

Foxycart is an amazing piece of software that allows us to automate orders which are placed anywhere around the globe. We could not have achieved this in so few steps without them.

Leslie B. via Helpdesk

You guys have been a great help so far with my initial questions. It's a refreshing change from posting countless questions on forums that never get answered!

Justin M. via Helpdesk

Thanks for the quick response. And just wanted to reiterate how awesome I think Foxycart is and everyone is so supportive and helpful! It's quite magical, I must say!

Alicia R. via Helpdesk

Wanted to let you guys know how much your help and attention moved this project forward for us. FoxyCart support staff is top tier. Thanks a ton guys.

Mike S. via Helpdesk

Now this is why I love Foxycart.  I'm stuck like glue on you guys.

Tele O. via Helpdesk

I have been through hell the past two weeks trying out [other shopping carts, some renamed in a funny, derogatory way] only to find out that if there is ANY support, it's downright poor. I'm happy my client trusted me enough to finally commit to paying for a quality cart.

Patrick N. via Helpdesk

I've worked with many different eCommerce platforms, but FoxyCart has just been on an entirely different level in so many ways. Most of the custom orders we get simply wouldn't be possible without FoxyCart. Since I've started the company it has continually surprised me, and I'm always impressed at the new developments from you guys. I'm very proud to show off the FoxyCart logo and I hope to continue introducing other entrepreneurs and organizations to FoxyCart, as well as working on many new ventures in the future with the help of FoxyCart!

Stuart L. via Helpdesk

That's amazing customer service. I was shocked initially that Adam actually looked at my site and responded in a personalized way. And then he cared enough to have you look at the situation and you considered my entire business in a thoughtful way in your recommendation. If every business operated like yours, this country would be a different place.

Alan via Helpdesk

neck deep in  and have to say that i am actually not frustrated by a custom e-commerce build for the first time ever. love it!

@NeverSettleIT via Twitter

FoxyCart seems to have found that Goldilocks-zone of ecommerce offerings; not doing too little and not doing too much. The SSO functionality was easier than I thought it'd be to implement and fits in almost perfectly with our requirements.

Justin G via Helpdesk

When we were looking for solutions I always felt like we were trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. When I stumbled on foxycart, I said ‘this is it!’

Aaron S. via Email

I just want to thank you guys for the amazing job on Foxycart and that you should all be proud to be working for a company that makes such a powerful tool available to companies

Stuart via Other

Let me tell you how much we could not live without you guys for E-commerce. We use you on all of our latest e-commerce projects and have so for the past 2 years or so.

Mike L. via Helpdesk

I have to tell you what a great product FoxyCart is! I went through three previous e-commerce solutions, and countless hours of trying to make them work, and none of them did what I wanted. Or if they came close, I was locked into a Wordpress design or template I didn't like.

Thankfully I found FoxyCart and along with the great plugin FoxyShop and the developer's assistance, everything was solved. The best part is that since launching with FoxyCart, my client's site has nearly tripled in income. This is simply because it works well, doesn't lose conversions and we were able to integrate it into the design of OUR choice. You can definitely use this testimonial. Thanks for a great product.

Mike via Email

I love you guys. You make things pleasant and easy. Thanks.

Mary via Helpdesk

By the way, I really like FoxyCart a lot. If everything was as straightforward as setting up your cart system, I'd def. be obsolete real fast.

Fly D. via Forum

Fistful of Awesome. Just thought I'd let you know that FoxyCart is the only part of our e-commerce website that has been virtually problem-free. After setting it up, it has basically run itself, with literally no problems.

Jody via Helpdesk

By the way, I'm loving FoxyCart so far! It's the first eCommerce I've worked with that "just works."

Kerri via Forum

We’ve used a few cart providers in the past and Foxycart is by far the most configurable, but also very easy to integrate (even for a novice like me)!

Lisa via Forum

you guys are the shizzel

Josh via Helpdesk

in terms of custom design eCommerce integration, nothing comes close to what FoxyCart is offering.

webguy via Forum

FoxyCart is everything I never wanted to need, but do.

Christina via Email

Thanks so much!
We LOVE FoxyCart!

Caitlin via Helpdesk

foxycart FTW…
that is all

@joshkuhn via Twitter

Every time I’ve had a question about FoxyCart I’ve gotten a clear answer, and it’s lived up to the promise of being painless to integrate with.

WorkingConcept via Forum

It was honestly enjoyable to work with FoxyCart. Stuff just worked for me and the implementation is so seamless.

Paul B. via Email

Thank you so much!!!!!!!
I think I love you!

Suzanne via Forum

This has to be one of the best user experiences I have ever had with a service and we are a SaaS provider ourselves. We were up and running literally in under 5 minutes.

Frank R. via Email

Thank you soooo much for your help.
Your product is simply amazing.

photosmith via Forum

First off – this system is awesome. I can’t believe how easy you guys have made integrating a shopping cart into a website.

pauldoc via Forum

And thanks so much for the follow up email regarding this. One of the reasons I really like your company is this excellent customer service.

Natalie via Helpdesk

There is virtually no learning curve and yet there is nothing I cannot do. There’s a sound bite for you huh? ;)

Ian via Helpdesk

The statement on the frontpage about being different is so true! It’s awesome you have picked something and made it your thing to focus on.

concretehead via Forum

We’ve had an increase in % of sales already without even tailoring the checkout page which is terrific.

concretehead via Forum

Foxycart has allowed us to create our own complete and custom eCommerce solution.

Rodney M. via Helpdesk

I really like this system, I haven’t seen another one like it. The JSON access really makes it easy to implement in a highly customized site.

David C. via Helpdesk

Thanks again I really appreciate it. You made me look good to them and that will always keep me coming back.

tjwyman via Forum

All of my questions answered quickly and correctly!!! You have no idea how rare that is (or maybe you do!) So thank you very much :)

jayesel via Forum

Thanks much guys, FoxyCart really has me thinking of new ways to sell online, and you’ve made it so easy to set up a site that now I have no excuse but to become rich. :)

evanr… via Helpdesk

Thank you so much for this amazing service and tool. You guys freaking rock and are saving our company a lot of time and heartache.

MinistryPixel.com via Helpdesk

i have to say that the way you handle your company has really astounded me. Especially with this issue, you really went the extra mile (or 20).

entropic via Forum

FoxyCart rocks hard.
Judas Priest hard.
It’s breakin the law.

Worldwide Digital Media via Helpdesk

Thanks for all your help getting us setup. This was exactly the solution we’d been looking for over the past year.

Brian via Helpdesk

Thanks for the super-fast and helpful response! Larger companies could learn a thing or two from you guys.

anonymous (by request) via Helpdesk

You guys get it! Glad I found you.

bgoldswo via Helpdesk

Thank you guys so much for the time you take to “make things right”! It’s a breath of fresh air to work with companies who want to make things work!!

entropic via Forum

The thing that i like about FoxyCart is that it doesn’t take the power out of my hands.

Adam via Phone

I’d say you guys have some very tenacious customer support. That’s what it takes to build a great business – keep up the good work.

jmarlin via Forum

FoxyCart is marvelously designed & implemented – I love how simple and flexible it is and it seems to be getting better. Bravo on that.

jmarlin via Forum

Thanks again for an awesome cart. I don’t see myself ever using anyone else.

barkery via Forum