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Pasquale Benedetto and his creative team work with all types of clients from all parts of the world. We wanted to find out more about his experience with Squarespace / FoxyCart integrations.



  • Hello! Could you tell us a little about yourself? Who are you? What’s your company? How’d you get started in web development or with your business? What types of work do you enjoy doing? What types of clients do you typically serve?

    My company is Intimo Media  (definition: We have Intimate knowledge of your Media) We are really an idea company that specialize in connecting your brand. What that means is we listen to what your marketing vision is for your business. We toss in creative thinking from our group,  a dash spice and energy, simmer a bit , then develop all the parts and pieces in a cohesive strategy.  This involves creating graphics,  producing video, developing websites and most important setting up e-commerce for your product or service.   

    I am what you call a jack of all trades. Part hands on producer and part director of the orchestra.  I thrive on multi tasking and efficient organization. We have fun with everyone we work with! Customer service is number one to us as are long term relationships, no one night stands here.

    We work together with individuals, small businesses, large corporations and non profits - our clientele are global.. From Wineries, to Artists, Filmmakers,  Cake bakers,  Restaurants, Entrepreneurs,  Human interest organizations  - always open to a challenge.

  • What skills do you have in your arsenal? (html, css, javascript, php, ruby, nunchucks, etc.) How would you rate your level of expertise with those skills? Any favorite apps you use for development or new technologies you’re excited about?

    Web:  Dream-weaver, Html, CSS, Squarespace, jQuery.  
    Design:  Photo-shop, Illustrator, In design.
    Video:  Final Cut, Logic audio
    Music (while you work):  Rdio, Pandora,  iTunes

  • Please describe your experience with FoxyCart. How’d you find it? Why’d it appeal to you? What are your favorite features or aspects of it?

    I found Foxycart three years ago while on a quest for a customizable Ecommerce solution. What appealed to me is how it keeps your viewer on your site through most of the purchase process. And how great the CS is over there.  

  • Did you have ecommerce experience prior to using FoxyCart?

    Yes with Shopify, Big Commerce and Vin Now - all of these are good solution but can be overly complicated and not as customizable.

  • Has FoxyCart helped you better serve your clients? Increase your revenues? Improved your overall quality of life? :)

    Absolutely! When I integrate Foxcart with Squarespace - my clients say “How did you do that?’ Everything works so easy.

  • What has been your favorite FoxyCart project? Why?

    Setting up the Winery shop - as they update regularly, we work with the images and code in Foxycart and its fun when you see it all come together.

  • What would you say to other Developers/Designers/Merchants who are looking for an ecommerce solution?

    Take some time to get to know Foxycart -  it's inexpensive and integrates easily - as well as a great user forum with a great group of helpful people.

  • Got any FoxyCart websites we can look at? What were your favorite parts of each? (We’ll insert screenshots of each, and add them to our featured sites.)