One of the most frustrating situations in e-commerce site design can be working with the merchant to create the perfect product customization and order flow only to realize that implementing it will be a nightmare. Many systems can handle specific product options, but if you want to allow extensive product personalization things break down quickly.

For Plain Jane, an online store specializing in personalized stationery, cards, envelopes, address labels, and more, a cart that allowed complete flexibility wasn’t just a “nice to have” but a necessity. Depending on the product there are multiple configuration and personalization options.

For example, the stationery creation form linked to on the screenshot uses JavaScript to make a multi-step customization process (including an image selection piece) to make the process simple for the user. The data is then passed to the FoxyCart cart and the completely customized product can be purchased quickly and easily.

Plain Jane herself had this to say about FoxyCart:

I’m so pleased with FoxyCart! The transition from my old shopping cart has made life easier for me, my customers and has also improved the look of my web site. Visually, this cart better melds with my site. FoxyCart appears simply to be a logical extension of my cozy site, not a “cold jolt” to customers as they head into the checkout process. The progression is seamless to the eyeballs! Thanks, FoxyCart!