It’s always refreshing to see a beautifully designed site, especially when its one that seamlessly integrates their design with FoxyCart too. is one of those sites, with well thought out text treatments and a light open design that is carried really well over to the cart and checkout to create a great experience for their customers. Justin from Creative Soapbox had the following to say about his experience with FoxyCart:

The budget for the Speak For The Trees site was tight, as was the timeline. We chose FoxyCart because it was easy to skin and super easy to setup. It was nice to know the high-level concerns: security, form validation, coupon codes, etc. were all taken care of. We could then focus on the user experience and the seamless integration of the cart, checkout and receipt into the site.

Where we ran into small issues, the forum was a huge help. jQuery gave us the flexibility to work through the problem, allowing us to bend FoxyCart to our needs.